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Appetizer Platter   $15

Combination of spring roll, crab rangoon, vegetable pancake, edamame, and gyoza

Spring Roll    $6

Crispy vegetable rolls served with sweet chili sauce

Gyoza   $7

Pan-fried chicken dumpling with dumpling sauce

Edamame     $5

Japanese soy beans lightly salted

Crab Rangoon   $6

Crispy wonton skin stuffed with cream cheese, and crabs

Calamari    $8

Fried crispy calamari with sweet chili sauce

Vegetable Pancake    $6

Pan-fried mixed vegetables with sweet chili sauce

Shrimp Tempura    $10       

Deep-fried shrimp in tempura batter

Sushi Appetizer

Spicy Tuna Mix    $10

Tuna mix with masago, green onion, crunch, and spicy cajun sauce

Tataki        $10

Seared Tuna with ponzu sauce

Beef Tataki        $10

Seared Beef with ponzu sauce

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Tuna Tartar       $10

Chopped Tuna, avocado, spicy tuna, and miso sauce

Tai Garlic         $9

8 slices red snapper with ponzu sauce

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